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10 Best Natural Skin Care Routines That Actually Work

One of  the fastest growing markets in beauty is the natural skin care industry. People avoid the harmful synthetic chemicals which are present in most of the products available in the market instead of using the chemical based products they started using natural skin care methods or the traditional products which is an eco-friendly option. Firstly we need to know about the various skin types and about their characteristics.

10 Best Natural Skin Care Routines That Actually Work
10 Best Natural Skin Care Routines That Actually Work

There Are Mainly 5 Types Of Skin

There are mainly 5 types of skin. They are normal, dry, oily, combination and sensitive.  All types of skin have different kinds of skin problems as every skin is different from one another.  Every Skin should maintain the balance of  sebaceous secretion, hydration and sensitive level.  To achieve a healthy skin or brighter skin or having a clear skin we need to understand our skin textile layers , tissues that protect us from dust or any harmful things which can damage our skin .

The moisture of a skin should be maintained by the natural ingredients like vitamins and essential oils such as tea tree or vitamin e. Ingredients like Vitamin C, retinol and sunscreen can help in slowing the aging process and multivitamins can maintain our youthful skin by using a sunscreen can protect your skin from blemishes and hyperpigmentation and maintaining a simple skin care routine will help you to maintain the clear skin with a healthy diet and a lot of water your skin will glow from within.

Stress management is also an important part as stress can be a cause of  many skin problems which disturb the hormones resulting in pimples.  Proper sleep is also an essential part of the skin care routine. Lastly, if you want good care of your skin or you are suffering from a major skin problem you should always seek help from a qualified dermatologist.

Let Us Now Discuss About The Different Skin Types

Let Us Now Discuss About The Different Skin Types
Let Us Now Discuss About The Different Skin Types

Normal Skin –  a well balanced skin is normally termed as normal skin which can have the T-zone  a bit  oily but the Sebum and the moisture is balanced , which feels neither too dry nor oily; it does not break out easily; it has  small pores with smooth skin texture and is less prone to sensitivity or blemishes.

Dry skin –  dry skin mainly refers to the less of moisture or sufficient moisture in our skin this can happen for various reasons. This type of skin needs oil to maintain the balance, it can be a cause of itchy and scaly skin or flaking skin with rough texture and can be a result of a peeling skin too.

Oily skin – oily skin refers to the skin which makes too much Sebum. It  is a waxy oily substance which protects and hydrates the skin. It can cause greasy surfaces, clogged pores  and acne because of overproduction.

Combination Skin – combination skin mainly refers to having oily Skin in some parts of your face, maybe the T-zone or more prone to oiliness and dry areas  mainly cheeks, jawline and along the hairline.

Sensitive Skin – Sensitive Skin means your skin is more prone to redness itching or more reactive  than usual. It can  react with the red dry flaky or bumpy rash skin when exposed to a trigger.

Best Ways To Maintain Healthy Skin

CTM routine– CTM mainly refers to the cleansing , toning and moisturizing which is the most simplified yet effective regime  which helps to maintain your healthy skin but every skin type has a different CTM routine here we will know about every skin type and their CTM routine.

Normal skin type which is mostly clear and balanced ,  the mean focus should be while choosing the products is to clean the  dirt and impurities or excess oil from the skin and this will be restored by a perfect cleanser and a moisturizer which will retain the natural moisture of the skin.

Oily skin for the CTM routine should choose a cleanser that is free from aloe vera, neem oil or citric acid to avoid clogged pores and should use more gel based cleanser or moisturizer.

Dry skin should use cleansers  or moisturizer which give extra moisture to the skin and should have hydrating products like glycerin or essential oils.

Sensitive skin should use mild moisturizer and cleanser which are paraben free and also free from harmful toxins such as sulfate which can easily get your skin irritated.

Combination skin should follow almost the same CTM routine as the normal skin. Any type of cleanser works great on the skin type. Skin should follow a CTM routine based on the skin problem and the skin type they have.

Use of Sunscreen – for every skin type using sunscreen is important. It helps to take care of your skin under the harsh sun rays. It saves our skin  from skin damage  from premature aging ,Suntan and sunburn. It keeps your skin complexion even using sunscreen can protect you from the risk of skin cancer  and damage which occurs over a period of time.

Water – To keep your skin healthy and  moisturized  from within, it should be hydrated and refreshed. To keep it that way we should drink a lot of water to maintain our skin elasticity. It will help in reducing scars, wrinkles and Softline’s and will provide a glow from within. Everyone should drink a lot of water every day to maintain a healthy skin.

Korean Skincare Routine – this is a trending skincare which  mainly includes  layering on 3 to 10 layers on your skin. Which gives your skin a glass skin type look which refers to a smooth clear and hydrated complexion which  includes an oil based cleanser, water based cleanser, exfoliant, toner, essence, treatment, sheet mask, eye cream, moisturizer and lastly using an SPF.

Koreans are probably performing very high with their innovative formulas and fun packaging and with creative textures and unisex approach to the skin care. Everyone now wants to have a Korean skin care routine which keeps you away from any damaging ingredients and avoids anything that will compromise the skin and will affect the environment too. Korean skin mainly has a moisturizer , moisturizing  can be an important step for any skin type as the skin care starts from hydration itself. No Korean can skip from a toner to get luminous skin.

Use of Retinol – retinol is a skin care active which is trending in the social media and also in every skin care routine which helps in preventing anti aging it is mainly contained vitamin A which helps to penetrate into the skin and give effective results. It is basically used to give a clear and plumper skin increasing elasticity and slowing down the breakdown of collagen. It also evens out the texture and tone of the skin. Retinol is an ingredient which can be found in the form of cream , gels and lotions and mostly in the form of serums . Patch testing is very important before applying retinol to all your skin care routine.

Use of Niacinamide –  

Niacinamide mainly helps in retaining vitamin b3 into our skin which can lead to many skin disorders including acne and eczema. It also helps in treating hyperpigmentation, it will help overall skin problem targeting. The skin concern can be treated by the form of serums as extra treatments: all those cleansers and creams. Niacinamide along with hyaluronic acid can increase the product absorption.

Use of salicylic acid – sensitive  skin has many problems one of them can be acne or pimples which can be treated by this salicylic acid. Salicylic acid works wonders to your skin. It helps the skin to shed the dead cells from the top layer and minimize the number of pimples. It helps in breaking down skin cells and promotes exfoliation. It also helps in removing blackheads and whiteheads.  

Use of essential oils-   if someone wants more natural and best treatments they can opt for essential oils which boost collagen even out the skin tones helping your complexion according to the need of the skin. Essential oils can be applied on the temple, chest, stomach, feet, palms and back. Essential oils have their own unique formulas fitted only for specific skin concerns. It can live the mood of the person using essential oils which are present in the market and can be beneficial for various problems. It will help to improve the skin health as well as to brighten up the skin.

5-step night skincare routine –  to achieve healthy skin everybody should follow a night skin care and a day skin care routine with just basic products. You can maintain a healthy skin by following these routines to keep your skin healthy and flawless. You just need to take care of your skin before going to bed.

First step of this routine will be cleansing , it help our face  to clean out the dirt and excess oil secretion from the skin, the next step should be followed with a toner and hydrator it will boost our skin hydration and stimulates the oil production then it should be followed with the under eye cream before going to bed  which should be applied to protect under our most delicate area last but not the least everyone should apply a serum which should directly target a particular skin concern and works magically at night and then the last step will be a good sleep.

Avoid using cheap chemical products- to avoid using these cheap chemical products avoid using the beauty products which are mainly a big part of these chemicals and using the substandard quality having the harmful composition can result in allergies, discoloration and texture alteration and a permanent damage to the skin. one should not use the beauty products which contain Parabens, fragrances , estrogens which are carcinogenic in nature. One should use more natural products and less chemical based products then their skin will glow from within and there will be no need of beauty products for enhancing the beauty.


Everybody from a very young age should follow a basic skin care routine which will help your skin to stay healthy and it will not become dry or prone to acne.  It will stay in a good condition and will help to prevent acne , wrinkles and help your skin to boost from within . A good skin care routine will slow down the aging process as well as boost the confidence within you.

It will help  to protect our skin from extreme weather, infections and from toxic substances. Doing the small things regularly will boost up your skin and will continue to reap the benefits for the future. It will help to have a strong collagen and elastic production in your 20’s and 30’s. It will prepare your skin for the effects of the aging process.


Beauty is an important part of today’s life. Everyone wants to be presentable and to be presentable you should maintain a Healthy lifestyle which includes a healthy skin care routine which will improve your mood, enhance your appearance and boost self esteem. You just need to find the natural best products which suits your skin and your skin problems to get a healthy skin.

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